October 2020

Ergonomics and thriving amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

Be pro-active in identifying how changes in the way we work due to COVID-19 may lead to increased MSIs.

Is Covid-19 creating or increasing risk of MSI?

This checklist can help you identify, reduce, and eliminate MSI risk factors in your work environment.

Hierarchy of controls for MSI prevention

Utilizing the hierarchy of controls is an effective way of selecting and developing measures for preventing MSIs.

Upcoming events and webinars

Highlights include Global Ergonomics Month, IEA2021 submission deadline, the Association of Canadian Ergonomists' 1st Annual Virtual Summit taking place on October 21st, 2020.

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For resources, please visit our Ergonomics page: If you have questions about ergonomics, human factors or need help managing the risk opf MSI in your workplace, please contact us at

Poll: How has Covid-19 impacted ergonomics or MSI in your organization?

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