Employer name:

Joint health and safety committee ("Committee") name:
(name of the workplace or part of the workplace represented by the Committee)

Date evaluation complete:
(if the evaluation was completed over several days include the date it was finalized)

Names, job titles and position on the Committee (if applicable) of people conducting the evaluation.
The evaluators may be the employer, the Committee co-chairs or designate(s), or a person retained by the employer. The evaluators should be knowledgeable about the duties, functions and effective administration of a Committee.

Name Job title Position

About the evaluation
An effective Committee provides a way for the employer and workers to work together to identify and find solutions for health and safety problems in the workplace. Generally, the first objective is to ensure the Committee meets the minimum legal requirements. This tool sets out the legal requirements for Committees. Meeting these minimum requirements is necessary, but is not a guarantee of an effective Committee. This tool also provides guidance on how an effective committee will meet the legal requirements, as well as suggestions for continued improvement.

Every year, an employer must conduct a written evaluation of each Committee. This evaluation tool was developed by WorkSafeBC, and may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Committee(s) in your workplace. This document reflects the law and policy in place at the time it was written. It covers many of the duties of Committees, but is not intended to identify all legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to your workplace. Always confirm your actual requirements. You may access a full copy of the Workers Compensation Act (the "Act"), the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation (“OHSR”), as well as occupational health and safety policies and guidelines on WorkSafeBC.com, under Law & Policy.

This evaluation tool includes questions to address all of the information required by section 3.26 of the OHSR. Completing all parts of this evaluation tool will result in an evaluation of the Committee that meets the regulatory requirements. Employers are not required to use this template. You may develop your own Committee evaluation template, but you must ensure that the evaluation includes all of the information required by section 3.26 of the OHSR.

Organization of this evaluation tool
This evaluation tool is divided into seven sections, as listed below. The applicable legislative references are included for convenience. The Workers Compensation Act (the "Act"), the OHSR, OHS Policies and Guidelines are available on WorkSafeBC.com, under Law & Policy.
  1. Selection and membership of the Committee
  2. • Sections 127, 128 and 129 of the Act

  3. Committee procedures
  4. • Section 131 of the Act

  5. Employer support for the Committee
  6. • Sections 134, 135 and 136 of the Act and the requirements of section 3.27 of the OHSR

  7. Employer response to Committee recommendations
  8. • Section 133 of the Act

  9. Duties and functions of the Committee and overall effectiveness
  10. • Section 130 of the Act and the requirements of section 3.12 of the OHSR

  11. Focus areas
  12. • Questions and ideas to foster continuous improvement and build Committee effectiveness

  13. Committee response to the evaluation
Preparing for the evaluation
To prepare for the evaluation, gather information about the work of your Committee, and health and safety issues in the workplace. The following are examples of information to gather and review as part of the evaluation:

Committee rules of procedure (terms of reference)
Reports of the meeting (meeting minutes)
Training records for each Committee member
Written recommendations made by the Committee to the employer and employer responses
Workplace inspection reports
Employer incident investigation reports, corrective action reports, and reports of near miss incidents
Notes from discussions with Committee members and workers
Any previous evaluations of the Committee
Other relevant records


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